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March 2016

Volume 3  Issue 1
Research article

The Effects of Preoperative Weight Loss on Nutritional Status and Prognosis for Esophageal Cancer

Okada G*, Momoki C, Matsumoto Y, Nakamura Y, Hayashi F, Yasui Y, Habu D, Nadai J, Matsuda Y, Kishida S, Lee S, Osugi H

Esophagectomy is among the most invasive surgeries performed in patients with esophageal cancer; in addition to the tumor dissection, this surgery involves a wide operative field that includes the neck, chest, and abdomen, as well as lymph node dissection. Because the esophagus acutely affects metabolic,  neuroendocrine, and immune systems, postoperative patients experience significant deterioration of nutritional status because of hypermetabolism and digestion-absorption disorders. In early stages, esophageal cancer is often asymptomatic and difficult to detect; accordingly, symptomatic patients often present with progressive disease.


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Case Report

Invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae Liver Abscess. A Worldwide Emerging Disease

Alfredo Puing-Vera*, Balaji Yegneswaran

A 61-year-old Hispanic female presented with a 3 week history of right upper quadrant abdominal pain and persistent fever. The pain was constant, dull, steadily worsening, not related to food intake, and was associated with fevers, chills and weight loss. She denied cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Her past medical history was pertinent for type II diabetes on insulin treatment for the past 12 years. She had no surgical history.

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Research Article

Colon Hydrotherapy and Probiotic Intervention Improves Gut Convenience Due To Gut Microbiota Amendment

Remely Marlee*, Hippe Berit, Stegmayer Sonja, Geretschläger Isabella, Riedel Monika, Schatz Christa, Zenz Jessica, Blöchle Jutta, Reiter Wolfgang, Haslberger G. Alexander

An impaired gut microbiota together with affected host-microbial interactions is known to be an important element in the pathogenesis of digestive problems. Based on this knowledge we suggested a colon hydrotherapy in combination with a probiotic intervention as effective therapy. Individuals suffering from digestive problems, namely I BS, received an intervention of a colon hydrotherapy and a probiotic formula, or as control a vitamin B supplement for six weeks. Gut microbiota of fecal samples was analyzed on the basis of 16S rDNA with RT-PCR and PCR-DGGE.


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